The Benefits of Using a Care Management App for Your Team

Asha Neil

Written on 9 March, 2023
A care management system with a built-in app for your care team can help improve patient care quality, the employee experience, record keeping and more.

A Digital Care Management System with an App: How Does It Work?

Different members of your workforce have different needs from your digital care management system. Your admin team will likely prefer a web app or desktop program with cloud storage for files.

Your frontline team of care staff, however, need to visit patients in their homes to provide services. As such, they have different needs from your care management software. And so too do your patients and their family members, whether you grant them direct access to your care management system or not.

A digital care management system with built-in apps comes with various portals for different team members. However, it's still the same software. All the information is stored in one secure program. The only things that vary are how the user accesses the software and what features they can use.

Your admin team will have access to rostering data. Your team of care providers, however, will only be able to access their own roster. And the same goes for patients and their families, who will only see the services they've been scheduled to receive.

Key Benefits of a Care Management App

Care management systems with mobile apps offer multiple advantages over old-fashioned desktop-only care management software. In particular, they’ll offer you:

Easier Rostering

Healthcare providers can lose hours of time to building schedules. Care management systems with schedulers can reduce this time by setting up group shifts, recurring shifts, published shifts and more.

When your care management software comes with a mobile app for care staff, you’ll notice that rostering becomes even easier. Your staff will be able to set their availability via the mobile app, cutting out the need to send emails back and forth. And since the rostering software won’t allow you to schedule unavailable staff, you won’t have to worry about someone’s booked holiday being overlooked.

Your team will also receive alerts of new jobs and be able to register their availability via the app, making the process of matching team members to patients easier than ever.

Better Communication

For healthcare professionals, good communication is essential. Your team needs access to the most recent patient information, from care plans to progress notes, to make the best care decisions.

With a dedicated app for your frontline staff, your care managers can ensure that every team member has secure access to up-to-date patient details. They won't be relying on email attachments that can quickly become outdated, or worse, get lost in the spam box.

You'll also be able to share information with care staff directly from the desktop version of your care management software. This can include newly published rosters, requests for updated right-to-work documentation or certifications, changes to protocols and more.

Improved Digital Records

By clocking in and out via the app, your team will create a time-stamped digital record of all delivered care services. And since they'll be able to update patient records on the go, you can make sure that progress notes are always correctly written and filed. Information won't be forgotten due to long delays between service delivery and record keeping.

The cloud based software used in care management apps further reduces the likelihood of patient data being lost. In the instance your team members finish writing progress notes, they will form part of your clients' digital records. Your team won't need to manually upload documents to your care management system after writing them, meaning there's far less likelihood of them forgetting to do so.

Better Employee Experience

When your staff members have a positive employee experience, they’ll be more engaged and motivated. They will perform better, and are also more likely to stay at your company and even recommend you to other potential new hires.

In contrast, carer burnout can be a serious issue for healthcare professionals. While there are many reasons behind it, two of the biggest causes are an excessive number of scheduled hours and working a stressful job.

Opting for care management software with a built-in app for your frontline staff helps improve the employee experience. It will ensure your employees have all the information they need to perform their job well, and in doing so, it can reduce their stress levels. And, through giving them control over their rosters, it will empower them to achieve work-life balance.

Enhanced Patient Care

Improved health outcomes are the most important outcome of any investment in care management tools. By ensuring that your carers have access to the latest patient information, care management apps lead to a better quality of patient care. They enable your team to better understand clients’ needs, identify risks and make appropriate healthcare decisions.

What’s more, they improve patient care by improving the employee experience. When your carers are happy at work, they provide better care.

A Care Management App That Will Support Your Entire Team

ShiftCare's care management software comes with a web app for your admin team, a portal for clients and their family members, and a dedicated app for your care staff.

Your care team will be able to use this to set their availability for shifts, bid on new jobs, securely view care plans, record progress notes, upload proof of expenses and clock in and out. Meanwhile, your admin team will be able to use ShiftCare for rostering, do book-keeping, issue invoices, manage funds and more. And for your patients and their loved ones, ShiftCare provides a way to view updates and request additional services.

Discover how a care management app can empower your team to provide an even higher quality of care. Try ShiftCare for free.

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