From Military Medic to Community Nurse: The Story Behind Beehive Nursing

Asha Neil

Written on 21 June, 2024
Beehive Nursing Services distinguishes itself in the healthcare sector through its dedicated approach to transformative caregiving. Founded by Olivia, a seasoned nurse with a diverse background from military service to international rescue missions, Beehive Nursing Services was born out of a desire to make a real difference in the community setting. 

The Need for a Change

After years of intense work, which often involved handling cases of abuse and neglect, Olivia reached a point of burnout, feeling constrained by the rigid protocols of Public Health that often didn’t align with patient needs. This frustration, coupled with a deep-seated desire to make a tangible difference in individuals’ lives, propelled her into community nursing, which she describes as the "sexy end of nursing."

Here, she found her true calling—providing personalised, impactful care directly to people in their homes. Motivated by the opportunity to truly affect change and guided by her vast experience, Olivia made the bold decision to start Beehive Nursing Services, aiming to offer care that is as effective as it is empathetic, and tailored uniquely to each client. 

Starting with a Vision

From its inception in November of last year, Olivia has been the driving force behind Beehive Nursing Services, drawing on her extensive experience to shape a service that not only meets but anticipates the needs of its clients. "I wanted to set it up properly from the very beginning," Olivia explains, highlighting her commitment to thorough preparation. 

Olivia and her team at Beehive Nursing Services are making a profound impact in their community by providing compassionate and tailored care to each of their clients. One particularly moving example of the difference her service can make involves a client who had a recurring infection leading to regular emergency visits. Through her proactive approach and dedication to improving her client's quality of life, Olivia conducted research and introduced a special device that effectively eliminated his recurring infections. The impact of this change was so significant that the client expressed to Olivia that she had changed his life. This encounter, which serendipitously occurred on Olivia’s birthday, reinforced her commitment to community nursing, reminding her and her team that beyond the daily unpredictability and challenges, their work has the power to transform lives. 

The ShiftCare Difference

ShiftCare has played a role in Beehive Nursing Services’ operations from the beginning, providing the tools necessary for effective management and scalability. Olivia reflects on the impact of ShiftCare: "It has been amazing because, without it, I wouldn't have been able to run my business. We started with just me and now in the space of four months we've got nine employees, and none of the other rostering software out there could compete with what ShiftCare can do." 

Daily Operations Transformed

On a day-to-day basis, ShiftCare streamlines operations in ways that benefit both staff and clients. Olivia details, "All my staff have it on their phones, and it’s brilliant because before going to every client, they can log on to the client's name and read their care plan to ensure there have been no changes." This level of detail ensures continuity and personalised care, which is fundamental in community nursing. Moreover, the ability to clock in and out via ShiftCare provides a safety net, ensuring all staff whereabouts are known, which is crucial given the nature of home visits. Olivia’s experience with ShiftCare’s support has been overwhelmingly positive, noting, "The support is phenomenal...they are always ready to help and respond within seconds, which has made a huge difference."

Building for the Future

Looking ahead, Olivia is excited about the potential for Beehive Nursing Services to expand its impact. Starting with just herself and gradually growing to a team of ten, Olivia plans further growth while maintaining the high standard of care her team is known for. "I haven’t advertised yet, but as soon as we do, we'll just be inundated," she anticipates, confident in the quality and reputation of her services.

Through the integration of software solutions like ShiftCare, Olivia and her team at Beehive Nursing Services are not just providing care—they are changing lives. As they continue to expand and evolve, their story remains a testament to the power of professional dedication and embracing technology to create a profound impact on community health services.

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