The Benefits of Automating Care Management Processes

Asha Neil

Written on 8 May, 2023
Automation tools can help you improve patient care quality while running a more efficient and profitable healthcare industry business. They facilitate growth, keep you compliant and centre the patient experience.

With healthcare automation, you'll improve the patient experience and staff satisfaction rates while simultaneously improving your financial resilience. You'll be able to complete time-consuming tasks in minutes, reduce your operating costs and make it easier to take on new clients.

When you automate your care management processes, you’ll benefit from:

#1 Lower Costs

Process automation can significantly reduce your labour costs for administrative processes. Scheduling and billing can take a couple of hours instead of several days. You can add a new client to your system and set up their first home visit in as little as 15 minutes, freeing up more of your admin time and budget.

#2 Greater Efficiency

Administrative tasks and other manual processes can be time-consuming in the healthcare industry, but that's not the only area where you could see efficiency savings through automation. Auto-generating productivity and financial reports will give you instant insights into ways to boost efficiency, lower costs, and improve your return on investment.

Using automation tools for client-caregiver matching, job bidding, and rostering can also help you create more efficient shifts. With geolocation filtering, you can ensure that home health aides are only allocated clients within a certain radius. In doing so, you'll decrease their travel time, enabling them to do more home visits each shift and reducing the risk of carer burnout.

#3 Reduced Risk of Human Error

Human error is a constant risk in manual processes. This is particularly true when your team members are taking on repetitive tasks, such as manually creating NDIS claims or payroll. 

Process automation will help you cut down on errors, especially if you have integrated care management software that can generate invoices based on your shift records. You'll be able to reduce the risk of incorrect claims, unpaid staff expenses and scheduling conflicts.

#4 Simplified Compliance

Whether it's the NDIS Practice Standards, the Code of Conduct for Aged Care, or SCHADS award pay points, compliance is a constant concern for healthcare providers. Fortunately, well-designed processes will support you in complying with the requirements of the NDIS, ACQSC and Australian law. Automating those processes will further help you avoid errors.

Automated data management will improve your payroll accuracy, while document expiry notifications can help ensure that all of your client and workforce documentation is up to date. Process automation can also create the evidence of service delivery that you need for NDIS audits.

#5 Improved Record Keeping

Record-keeping is essential for compliance, care quality and effective business management. With aged care and disability support software, you can automate electronic health records including service delivery, client funds usage, patient records, expenses, invoices, payment records and more.

Automation in healthcare record keeping can also ensure that protected health information stays protected.

#6 Better Care Quality

Process automation can support you in providing high-quality healthcare system services tailored to the needs of each client.

Your team relies on having access to accurate patient data in order to make appropriate care decisions. Progress notes and incident reports provide insights into a client's current health, well-being and care needs. 

While you can't automate writing progress notes, you can automate sharing them and other key client documentation with your team members, allied healthcare professionals and other members of the healthcare workforce. In doing so, you enable all relevant healthcare providers to make decisions based on the most up-to-date client information.

With client-carer matching and rostering automation in healthcare, you can also make sure that your participants receive the care and support services they need from the most appropriate team member. Care management software can ensure that an approved shortlist of team members is allocated to an individual client's services.  

#7 Happier Carers

When your team members are happier at work, they are more likely to stay with your company long term. They also provide a higher standard of care and support to clients.

Process automation can support your front-line staff by giving them the tools they need to do their job well. When they're supported with the information they need, they will feel more fulfilled at work.

Plus, by automating time-off requests, job bidding and scheduling, you can support your carers and support workers in achieving the work-life balance they want.

#8 Empowered Clients

Process automation can improve the patient-provider relationship by giving your clients and their loved ones a greater say over the care services they receive.

You can automate sharing updates via a portal for clients and their loved ones. Clients can also use the portal to request their preferred carer or even specific healthcare services or healthcare facilities. In doing so, you can improve the patient experience, drive better patient outcomes and ensure patient satisfaction.

#9 Easier Business Growth

Taking on new clients is essential for business growth. However, manually adding them to your system can be time-consuming and costly. It's no surprise that many care providers feel stuck and unable to grow.

But by automating the client onboarding and rostering processes, you can make it easier to take on new clients without increasing your payroll costs. In doing so, you can set your business up for growth.

Set up Automated Care Processes in Under 10 Minutes

While the benefits of healthcare automation are clear, switching to automated home healthcare processes can be intimidating. But with the right tools, you can make the switch in minutes.

ShiftCare's care management software helps you automate new client onboarding, client-worker matching, rostering, plan management, invoicing, billing, and more. It comes with built-in NDIS integrations for disability support. Clients can make requests through ShiftCare Connect, allowing you to improve patient satisfaction, while the mobile app for frontline staff ensures they have all the tools they need to provide exceptional care and support services.

With self-onboarding, you can set up ShiftCare in 10 minutes. Try ShiftCare for free and start benefiting from automated healthcare solutions today.

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