A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Disability Care Management Software for Your Business

Asha Neil

Written on 22 May, 2023
Software designed to meet the needs of the disability sector can enable you to deliver better-quality support, reduce operational costs and position yourself for growth.

NDIS software should make running your business easier, not harder. That's why it's important to carefully select your software, taking into account key features, customer support services and more.

Keep reading as we break down what to consider, so you can invest in disability management software that supports your business goals.

Your Business Goals

Your choice of NDIS software should be aligned with your business objectives and play a supporting role in your strategy. Before shopping around for disability support management tools, outline what you want from them. 

For example, you may software that allows you to:

You might have more than one goal. In this case, decide which ones have the biggest priority. Having done this, you'll find it easier to choose between different platforms.

Essential Features

Important features to look for in disability care management software include:

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Integrations

Ideally, your software will come with NDIS pricing integrations, bulk billing, and NDIS funding management so you can ensure that spending is in line with participants’ service bookings.


For NDIS providers, rostering can be a complex and time-consuming process. You need to balance participants' and team members' scheduling preferences while complying with the SCHADS award and keeping your operational costs at a minimum.

The ideal NDIS software will help you create an efficient system for workforce management and rostering. Look for the ability to set up recurring and group shifts, as well as assigning multiple clients and NDIS line codes to an individual support worker's shift. 

A rostering tool with per-client and per-worker views of the schedule will also help you make sure the roster meets everyone's needs.

Document Management

Make sure your NDIS software has a secure, organised storage system for documentation, such as service agreements and support and care plans. A cloud-based platform will provide on-the-go access to essential documentation for service delivery. And if you can build documentation templates, your team will find it easier to create quality progress notes, incident reports, and support plans.

Document expiry notifications will also help NDIS providers with workforce management. With these automated alerts, you'll avoid having to take team members off the roster due to out-of-date documentation.

Accounting and Payroll Integrations

Check that the software integrates with your chosen accounting and payroll tools. These integrations can save NDIS providers time and reduce the likelihood of human error. For added time savings, confirm if you can attach proof of expenses to shift records.

App for Support Workers

A mobile app can empower your team to provide higher-quality care and disability support. With a cloud-based app, they'll get real-time access to participant documentation via their mobile devices. They'll have all the information they need to provide safe, empathetic support services that meet participants' needs.

An app is also an excellent tool for workforce management. Your team will be able to use it to set their availability and check their schedule, reducing the likelihood of no-shows.

Portal for Clients and Loved Ones

A portal can empower clients by allowing them to access details of their service plan and upcoming appointments, request their preferred support worker and more. By giving password-restricted access to approved family members and friends, NDIS providers can also involve a participant's informal support system.

Pricing and Projected Profits

The price of NDIS software can vary. When comparing prices, make sure to consider:

  • If you're tied into a subscription

  • The cost of add-ons, such as extra participants

  • The features included in each package

You should see a significant return on investment from your NDIS software as it lowers your administrative costs and frees up labour hours. Our Savings Calculator will help you estimate how much money you could save.

Ease of Use

Is the NDIS software intuitive, or would your support workers and admin staff struggle to access the features they need? Are there onboarding materials to help roll out the new software and help everyone on your team adapt to it easily? 

Customer Support

Will you have access to live chat support or a dedicated account manager? Or if things go wrong, will you have to wait three business days for someone to respond to your email?

Long-Term Suitability

When you invest in disability support and care management software, you want to use it for the long term. As your business grows, you might need more features or extra users. Can you upgrade your package?

You should also check if it uses modern technology, such as cloud-based storage. How frequently is the software updated?

Free Trial

With a free trial, you can ensure that the NDIS software is right for you, your clients and your support team. Invite staff members from across your company to try it out during this period so you can check it meets all your needs.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Disability Care Management Software for Your Business: Checklist

  • Do you know what your business needs from NDIS software?

  • Does the software have all the essential features?

  • Is it within your budget?

  • Will you see a return on investment?

  • Is it easy to use?

  • Does it have good customer support? 

  • Does it use modern technology and have regular software updates? 

  • Does it fit into your long-term business plan?

  • Did you notice the benefits during the free trial?

NDIS Software That Ticks All the Boxes

ShiftCare's disability support management software helps NDIS providers with their administrative tasks, client and workforce management and NDIS compliance. The cloud-based software has built-in NDIS pricing, accounting integrations, rostering tools and companion portals for front-line staff and clients' loved ones.

With a 96% positive customer support rating, our user-friendly platform can take the stress out of running your NDIS business. Try ShiftCare now for free.

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