How Home Care Software Can Save You Hours of Admin Work

From certifications to NDIS funds and invoicing, running a home care business requires staying on top of numerous details. It’s easy to find yourself dedicating more hours than you would like to the administrative side of your work.

Fortunately, home care software can automate many of these processes and make others easier and quicker to do. This can save you time and energy, and in turn, free up your workdays so you can focus on the important things.  

Roster Quicker and Easier 

Rostering can be complex, which is more true in the home care industry. Not only do you need to balance carers’ availability and qualifications with clients’ requirements, but you also have to consider locations and staff journey times. 

With home care software, however, you can simplify the process. Matching the right team member to each client becomes much easier because you have all the information you need in the same program. 

Geolocalisation will help you identify the closest support workers to the client. As one ShiftCare user says, “To use the geolocation, instead of Googling where places and people are, makes it a whole lot easier.”

You can then review the staff member’s certifications via the document uploads feature to quickly determine if they’re the most appropriate choice. With home care software, you can also invite staff members to update their availability, so you’ll always know if it’s compatible with the client’s needs.

Rostering is also made simpler with home care software, while giving you greater control and oversight. With just a click of a button or a tap of your screen, you can view staff and client schedules alike. Meanwhile, the team overview will give you the bigger picture. 

In this way, you can ensure that clients are getting the right number of services at times and dates that make sense for them and their care plan. Plus, you can also make sure staff member’s schedules are reasonable, efficient and compliant. It will let you keep your team happy while also looking after your bottom line and avoiding audit issues.

What’s more, with a recurring shifts feature, you’ll only need to do the hard work of setting up your roster once. Once you’re satisfied with it, you can then schedule it to recur on a weekly or monthly basis.

Cut Down on Time Spent on Invoicing and Book-Keeping

With the right home care software, you can integrate timesheets, expenses, scheduling and accounting all into one system. Forget loading different programs and switching apps: you’ll have all the information you need at hand for invoicing and book-keeping.

Quick and intuitive systems will help you save time. For example, instead of poring over timesheets, you can auto-approve all that fit within an acceptable range. The only ones you’ll need to double-check manually are those that are likely to be incorrect.

If you’re doing NDIS invoicing, you can further speed up the process by claiming in bulk, while in-built financial reports will help you take control of your company’s finances. You won’t need to rely on Excel sheets or a calculator to know how well your team is performing, which services are the most profitable or where you can cut costs.

Streamline Communications 

When running a home care business, you might never see certain clients or staff members in person. Home care software can help keep everyone informed so that you don’t have to spend hours chasing updates or requesting video meetings.

Staff members can add progress reports on the go to clients’ records. As a result, you and all other support workers will always be aware of the latest developments in a client’s health and wellbeing. You and your staff can also view clients’ goals and update them via the app, while funds management features will let you track clients’ fund availability and utilisation.

You can also upload important client and carer documents, and set up their expiry and renewal reminders to ensure you’re never caught by surprise. Since you can automate sending email reminders to the client and/or staff member in question, you won’t need to waste time chasing them up yourself.

Stay Compliant (Without the Headache)

Ensuring compliance can be stressful and time-consuming, but home care software can take the hard work out of the process. By tracking, time-stamping and recording everything, from rostered hours daily limits to funds usage, you’ll know that you’re ready for any audits (whether they’re NDIS or by Fair Work Inspectors).

You can generate and give staff members lists of tasks to ensure hygiene and process compliance, check past progress reports, log feedback and complaints, and review staff and client communications.

Not only will you have all the evidence at hand if you’re ever audited, but you can even generate compliance reports for tracking critical documentation. What’s more, it can all be done with the click of a button.

Simplify Your Admin Work with the Right Home Care Software

Admin work is an important part of running a home care business, but that doesn’t mean it needs to take up all your time. ShiftCare has proven to save up to 90% on admin time by allowing users to work smarter, not harder.

Rostering and client matching takes just minutes. Our mobile app allows staff to set their availability, while staff, client and team views give you the bigger picture you need as well as the finer details. You can also add multiple clients to different shifts so staff know exactly what they have to do and where they have to be at every moment. 

It’s not just rostering that’s simpler with ShiftCare, either. Our software has the latest NDIS pricing and codes built into the system, so you can rest assured that you’re billing correctly. Plus, you can bulk invoice and, in doing so, cut down on our admin time. 

Communications can also be streamlined. Staff members can access client details as well as their own schedules via the mobile app. If you make a last-minute change to the schedule, you won’t need to pick up your phone or send staff an email: an SMS update will automatically let them know. 

Meanwhile, the ShiftCare Connect app will ensure family members, loved ones and allied health workers are kept informed. Each user will have a different login, and the client can decide what information they want to be shared with them: progress notes, bills, schedules, etc. You won’t need to send them regular reports or arrange meetings because the information will automatically be shared. 

From rostering and time-keeping to invoicing and expenses, ShiftCare can help you automate processes while maintaining high quality standards.

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