How Invoicing Software Helps Care Providers Streamline Their Finances

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Improving invoices can lead to quicker payments, a steadier cash flow, and the financial stability your care business needs to thrive. 

Yet, invoicing can be complex, especially if you’re working with NDIS clients or claiming via the Aged Care Provider Portal. Invoicing software for care providers, however, can simplify the process. In doing so, it can also help reduce errors and streamline your financial processes. 

Let’s break down the benefits of invoicing software and how they could help your care business.

Automating Invoices Reduces Errors & Saves Time

Creating and filing invoices can be time-consuming, but it’s also easy to make mistakes. From typos and outdated NDIS prices to accidentally entering hours under the wrong service, there are many things that can go wrong.

When manually creating invoices or using generic invoicing software, you can spend hours double-checking details. In the worst-case situation, you invoice for the wrong amounts, face compliance issues, and perhaps end up underpaid or paid late.

Errors, missing information, and typos — even when these errors are easily fixable, they can add up to lengthy delays in payment times. As a result, your workload increases while your cash flow becomes squeezed.

Invoicing software that’s specifically designed for care providers can help you avoid these issues. With ShiftCare, accounting, fund management, time-keeping, and expenses can all be integrated to make your bookkeeping easier and your invoicing run more smoothly.

Further, you can use ShiftCare to sync timesheets with billing, input expenses, and automate your approval system before automatically generating invoices. Forget having to double-check paperwork or upload timesheets to your accounting software — all of this can be done for you with the click of a button. 

As a result, you may be able to reduce your claim and invoicing time by up to 90% — and since everything is integrated and verifiable, you won’t have to worry about errors being made. 

NDIS Invoicing Made Simple

If you’re issuing NDIS payment requests, you already know that the process can be tricky. There’s a lot of information to track and verify so that you’re both paid promptly and well prepared for NDIS audits.

With the ShiftCare app, however, it’s easy to check that your NDIS payment claims are compliant. We automatically update NDIS pricing every year and build it into the app, so you can be confident that you’re charging the correct amount on each invoice. All you have to do is choose the service, and the correct rate will be calculated for you.

Although the NDIS system requires you to invoice for each and every client booking, ShiftCare’s NDIS bulk claims process can automate the process, simplifying the process to uploading just one invoice file every month.

Accurate Timesheets for Accurate Invoicing

No matter how good your invoicing process, if your timesheets or expenses documents contain errors, your invoices will too. 

That’s why all of ShiftCare’s invoicing clients get unlimited access to our time tracking, attendance, and expenses features, which are specifically designed to support care providers.

Human error can easily result in incorrect timesheets, but with ShiftCare, you’ll have plenty of tools at hand to prevent these issues. Your staff can clock in and out via their mobile devices, meaning that you’ll always have an accurate record of their working hours, no matter how prone anyone on your staff is to typos. Turn on location verification, and you’ll also have all the evidence you need in case of disputes or audits.

Carers can also log expenses and miles in-app, putting all of the invoicing information you need in the same place. This also means you’ll be able to approve staff payments quicker and easier while cutting down on paperwork, which will keep your team happy.

Correct invoicing starts with correct records. The right invoicing software makes it easy to manage yours.

Get the Insights You Need for Financial Planning

ShiftCare’s invoicing software doesn’t just help you quickly create accurate invoices on-time in order to get paid quicker. It also generates the reports and financial insights needed to plan ahead and improve your profitability.

With ShiftCare, you’ll have access to more than a dozen reports, including billing reports, payment reports, performance reports, and cost breakdowns. With this information, you can quickly understand the financial strength of your care provider business, as well as spot potential areas where you can streamline your finances and increase efficiency.

As one ShiftCare user says, “That back end reporting is really important from a management point of view that gives me control over what's going on in the big picture.” What’s more, he adds, “it’s delivered in a straightforward, understandable format that makes sense.”

ShiftCare’s Invoicing Software for Care Providers Can Simplify Your Billing Process

Invoicing software can help your care provider business grow by cutting down your workload, reducing errors and, in turn, helping you get paid quicker.

You’re the expert on providing quality care. Why waste time triple-checking timesheets and manually updating hundreds of invoice files when invoicing software can handle this and more for you automatically?

With ShiftCare, you can integrate your accounting and expenses, create bulk aged care and NDIS claims, and view financial reports at a click of a button. Our extensive time-tracking and attendance features help you and your staff alike, not to mention our optional features for care business, including progress notes, aged care and NDIS fund management, and staff scheduling tools.

Try it free for a week to see how ShiftCare’s invoicing software for care providers makes your financial processes more accurate and easier to manage overall. 

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