PRODA for NDIS Providers: A Quick and Simple Guide to this Essential Tool

PRODA for NDIS Providers
If you’re an NDIS-registered provider, there’s no way around it: you’ll need to use PRODA.Fortunately, it won’t take long until using PRODA becomes second nature. And although it might seem confusing at first, you’ll soon realise it can make your work as an NDIS provider much easier. 

Let’s explore what PRODA is, how to get started with it and what tasks you’ll use it for.

What Is PRODA?

PRODA, or Provider Digital Access, is an indispensable tool for NDIS providers. It is a government system that allows you to securely access important services online. More specifically, it verifies and authenticates your identity so you can use the platform for NDIS audits, new client registrations, invoicing the NDIS and more.

PRODA for NDIS Providers: The Portals You’ll Need to Familiarise Yourself With

There are two specific PRODA portals that you’ll use:

  1. myplace Provider Portal 

You’ll use the myplace Provider Portal to manage your relationship with each client, as well as make payment requests. Through this portal, you can:

  • Create service bookings

  • View participants’ registration details

  • View reports about your service bookings and participants

  • Send participants messages

  • View messages from the NDIS 

  • Upload documentation

  • Respond to enquiries and complaints

  • Make payment requests 

  • Submit NDIS invoices in bulk to speed up the process

2. NDIS Commission Portal

You won’t use the NDIS Commission Portal as frequently as you will use the myplace Provider Portal, but it still plays an important role. It will help you manage your NDIS registration and audits. You may also need to submit behaviour support plans and incident reports here.

How to Sign Up with PRODA and Get Started?

There are three steps to getting started with PRODA:

  1. Creating Your Account

You can register for PRODA here, on the official government website. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Register Now” to be redirected to the online registration form.

Fill in your personal details, making sure to provide your full legal name. You’ll then be prompted to create a secure password, select security questions and provide an email address. 

Next, you will receive a verification email with a code that you’ll need to correctly enter. (You’ll have to repeat this process every time you log in to PRODA — or change your multi-factor authentication settings — so make sure to provide an email address you can access quickly and easily.)

Once you’ve verified your email address, you’ll then receive a welcome email with your registration authority (RA) number. 

  1. Verifying Your Identity

Now you’ve got your email address with your RA number, you’re ready for step two: identity verification. You can either do this straight away or log out and continue the process once you’ve prepared your proofs of identity.

You’ll need to use three different government-issued documents to verify your identity, such as your passport or visa, driver’s licence or Medicare certificate. If you have a different legal name on some of these documents, you’ll also need to provide a change of name certificate or marriage certificate.

If you don’t have three documents or proof of a change of name, you’ll be directed to the PRODA helpdesk. 

Verification should be automatic, meaning you can quickly move to the third stage: selecting the NDIS services.

  1. Matching Existing Services

When you log in to PRODA, you will be taken straight to the My Linked Services page. Since you haven’t yet linked any services, you’ll just view Available Services. 

Click the purple NDIS myplace Provider Portal, and then fill in your details in the form. Click Submit. Then, on the next screen, click Link to my Organisation and fill in your business details. Once you’ve done that, you can access myplace to manage your client relationship and payment requests.

Now, when you want to use the myplace Provider Portal, you can log in via and then select the relevant service from the homepage. It’s as easy as that.

You can also log in to the NDIS Commission Portal by going to the Commission’s homepage and clicking the green drop-down “Portal” menu in the top right-hand corner. Select the right portal to log in with your PRODA details.

NDIS Client Relationship Management and Bulk Invoicing Made Simple

PRODA is an essential tool for running an NDIS provider business. It will help you manage service agreements, make payment requests and more.

With ShiftCare, the process can be even easier. Our NDIS provider software facilitates bulk payments and client relationship management. In fact, it can reduce the time spent on processing payment requests by as much as 90% for NDIS clients — allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

Try ShiftCare for free to see how it can simplify your payment requests.

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