Using Patient Care Coordination Software for Better Patient Outcomes

Asha Neil

Written on 5 September, 2022
Care coordination is key to meeting patients' unique needs, ensuring their safety, and improving clinical outcomes. However, coordinating multiple services and providers can prove challenging, especially if you lack the right resources.

How Patient Care Coordination Software Can Support Your Organization

Patient care coordination software is an essential tool for home health care agencies. It will help you improve outcomes and provide better coordinated care by ensuring you have the data, meaningful insights, and control you need.

Modern care coordination technology will give you an at-a-glance overview of patients' needs; help you schedule services and communicate with caregivers, patients, and clinicians; ensure patient safety by notifying you of documentation issues; and allow you to better monitor a client's care.

From overseeing care transitions to improving care quality for patients with complex needs, you'll find that the right programs and software will help you design and deliver a more comprehensive care coordination plan.

Care Coordination Solutions: What to Look For

When selecting patient care coordination software, it's important to check that it's the right software for your organization. Does it have the features your care teams need? Can it help you address the challenges you currently face? Will it facilitate your delivery of value based care?

While every home health agency is different, these are some of the aspects most organizations benefit from:

Modern Care Coordination Technology

Forget scheduling using a spreadsheet and emails: care management today requires modern solutions.

AI-generated schedules and a caregiver app will ensure your care teams know when, where and what care they need to provide. You'll get them to the right place at the right time, with no long email chains or follow-up messages required. 

Plus, when they're able to access patient data on the go, they'll be able to provide healthcare services to the best of their ability.

It's not just your care team that benefits, either. Clients do, too. When designed well and used correctly, modern care management technology can remove some of the barriers they face when they access information about their healthcare provision. Use the software to communicate with them, empower them, and improve overall patient satisfaction.

The Overview You Need to Make the Right Decisions

Care management requires paying attention to an immense number of details: patients' unique needs; providers' availability; care plans and care plan expiry dates; the patient experience; billing and payments; and more.

Sometimes, you can get lost in the tiny details and forget the larger picture. With healthcare coordination apps and software, however, you'll get the overview you need.

Modern schedulers will allow you to take a client view or a caregiver view so you can ensure the schedule works for everybody. Online record-keeping with automated alerts will keep you compliant and ensure patient safety. Accounting integration will help you track your costs per client and per service.

Plus, customizable reports will give you the data and meaningful insights you need to improve care quality, patient engagement, and profitability.

Tools That Will Empower Your Care Team to Meet Patient Needs

Your caregivers will find it easier to provide value based care when they're supported with the right tools. Care management software can support them in this, and in doing so, improve the effectiveness of their services.

The right care coordination solution will ensure that your providers have access to all the client information they need, from care plans through to the most recent client notes. Collaboration between caregivers will become easier, even if they're scheduled at completely different times.

Portals to Facilitate Family and Patient Engagement

The patient experience is vastly improved when they and their loved ones are kept informed. It removes multiple barriers to patients' engagement and empowerment, while also putting family members' minds at ease.

Creating and sharing updates can be time-consuming, but care management technology makes it easier than ever to involve patients and their friends or family members. You can enable family access via a dedicated portal and share selected updates on patients' health and interventions.

Plus, by ensuring private payers are aware of the services and resources provided, as well as the billing dates, you'll facilitate quicker payments and a better cash flow.

Modern programs and apps will let you share this information with a click of a button, saving you a significant amount of time.

The Perfect Mix of Flexibility and Automation

The right care coordination technology is a Goldilocks solution: it will automate processes to save you time and reduce error. And yet it will also give you the control and flexibility you need to ensure patients' needs are met, healthcare best practices are being followed, and your organization's finances are strong.

For example, the best healthcare coordination tools will create automated schedules for you to review. However, they should also allow you to edit the schedules and take into account your staff members' ideal shift times, as input by them. They should also be flexible enough to allow caregivers to update their availability.

Similarly, client note templates and adjustable document expiry dates can simultaneously streamline your processes and give you greater control over them.

The Best Care Coordination Software for Your Home Health Agency

The right patient care coordination software will enable you to take a whole person approach to providing value based care. It will increase the quality of the primary care you deliver, improve patient satisfaction, and support your staff as they work to meet clients’ unique needs. Plus, it will improve efficiency, and in doing so, reduce costs.

ShiftCare's care coordination and management software will empower you and your care team by giving you the control and flexibility you need. Our automated tools will generate a draft schedule in minutes for you to edit and approve. Document expiry notifications and client note templates will help keep you compliant. And with a portal for caregivers and patients’ family members, everyone will have access to the information they need and want.

Try ShiftCare for free today.

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