How Staff Rostering Software Can Take The Guesswork Out Of Scheduling


Do you often spend a lot of time scheduling work?
Did you schedule too many employees when there was less demand?
Is preparing the roster manually or with ordinary software not working for you?

Well, if your answer is yes to any of the questions, then you need a dynamic staff rostering or work rostering software like ShiftCare.

However, before finally digging into how ShiftCare can help you in better work scheduling and roster management, let’s take a quick look at the drawbacks of sticking to manual methods like paper-based planners, basic Excel spreadsheets and age-old software for managing shifts.

A time-consuming and challenging process

While constructing high-quality rosters is tiresome, it becomes more problematic when it comes to handling work contracts for businesses with multiple locations, variable shift patterns and many-sided teams.

Besides, creating a staff schedule that perfectly matches the needs of both your business and workforce is a rare thing and even if it is made, it drives out a considerable time of your workplace hours shifting your focus from core business functions to small things like work scheduling.

Error-prone and complex compliance

Since a paper-based planner cannot accommodate multiple requests and varied scheduling needs, there’s always a possibility of human error taking place.

Moreover, they are required to guarantee that all the legal and binding orders are take care of while trying to permit multiple requests; which become quite challenging at times.

Inefficient and ineffective

Guesswork dominates when rosters are prepared manually and therefore, there are high chances of placing staff in unfavourable shifts. Often, time-off, replacement shift and leave requests are denied to maintain fairness and unbiased organisational behaviour.

While the firms might be acting fair, their insensitivity to employees’ demands can lead to staff quitting the company. Additionally, it lowers employees’ productivity as staff is consistently working in double shifts or shifts they are not comfortable working in.

Nevertheless, if you really want to do away with this inefficient work scheduling and roster managementShiftCare is the name for you.

A state-of-the-art software, ShiftCare handles all your staffing-related problems dynamically and competently. Whether it is about managing staff at NDIS provider business or aged care faclities or any other institution with multiple shifts, the versatile software does everything one can possibly ask for.

What can ShiftCare do for you?

Saves time and effort

Cloud-based technology with a collaborative approach to work scheduling saves nearly 90% of admin time. Using this software is a no-brainer since it requires less effort on the part of the individual who is assigned to prepare rosters.

Error-free and minimized compliance risk

As all the details are web-based, there is less or no scope for human errors. Seamless communication between managers and teams through the ShiftCare app eliminates the need to take approvals manually.

It also helps staff members as they can easily place shift-related requests through their mobile app or computer.

Further, it also ensures low compliance risk as all the work scheduling rules and regulations are applied regularly with automated administration and nothing is on the paper.

Amazingly Productive

With all the shifts in one place, organising work becomes easier. Therefore, you can assign conflict-free shifts without any hassle. Employees’ requests can be fully entertained knowing that you have qualified shift replacements in hand.

Not only does it help in boosting their work efficiency but also plays a crucial role in great employee retention.

In a nutshell, having ShiftCare in your organization is a win-win situation for you as well as your employees.

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