How You Can Use NDIS Plan Management Software for Better CRM

Asha Neil

Written on 5 September, 2022
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CRM is an essential part of NDIS service delivery. Done well, it empowers participants and improves the quality of the support provided. Whatever software you use should facilitate your CRM.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and its stringent rules mean customer relationship management (CRM) isn't just about improving the participant experience — although that is incredibly important!

CRM is also about remaining compliant at all stages to ensure participant safety, the effective use of participants' funds and the correct filing of NDIS claims (something that, in turn, ensures that all services provided are paid for by the NDIA).

Fortunately, NDIS plan management software can help you not only improve your workflow, efficiency and finances but also improve your CRM.

What Does NDIS Plan Management Software Do? 

NDIS plan management software helps you more efficiently manage your service provider company, from participant onboarding through to invoices, billing and complying with NDIS rules. A one system solution, it functions as NDIS CRM software, an accounting system, a scheduler and more.

There are lots of business management software and apps available, as well as disability support apps designed for the global market. However, general software cannot compete with software that caters specifically for NDIS service providers in Australia. 

This powerful software has far more benefits for your organisation. Having been built to meet the unique needs of disability support businesses right here in Australia, it boasts many more relevant features. These include NDIS price guides, progress notes, and more.

How Plan Management Software Can Support Your NDIS CRM 

NDIS software can help you improve your CRM by facilitating better communication with participants at every stage of their relationship with you.

You'll have the tools to manage NDIS participants' goals and support plans in-platform. Plus, clients will be kept better informed of the support they are receiving and how their funds are being used.

Some NDIS software will also enable participants and their family members to make requests in-app. In this way, it ensures their voices are heard and their needs are being met.

What to Look For in Your NDIS Plan Management Software 

When selecting NDIS software, check for these important features. They'll help you provide higher-quality services, better meet participants' needs and improve your customer relationship management.

NDIS Funds Management 

Having in-built NDIS funds management will enable you to more efficiently manage each participant's support. Make sure you'll be able to project future spending to spot any over- or under-utilisation of participants' funds.

Double-check that the software has the NDIS price guide built-in, too. This will help you ensure the accuracy of spending projections, as well as saving you time.

Secure Document Management

To ensure compliance with NDIS rules, you'll want to keep careful track of your client's documents. Confirm how easy it is to store, access and add support plans, progress notes, risk assessments and other key files. Ideally, you'll also be able to set up expiry notifications for documents. And don't forget to check if you can give your support workers different levels of access for improved security.

Participant Portals 

Having a portal for participants and their loved ones offers numerous benefits for you and your customers alike. Before opting for any NDIS plan management software, make sure there's a platform with client access that's suitable for mobile devices.

If you can also add friends and family members to the portal, confirm that they'll have their own login. This will improve security and compliance, as you'll be able to provide varying levels of access to confidential information.

Support Worker Portals

When support workers can access participant files and information via their mobile devices, you'll see improved service delivery. Your team will have the knowledge they need to provide high-quality support. Plus, a dedicated support worker portal can make filling in progress notes and incident reports a far simpler, more efficient process.

However, the system for adding progress notes and checking documentation needs to be mobile-friendly. Get your staff to do a trial run before signing up for any NDIS service provider or plan manager software.

NDIS Bulk Claims 

When you claim in bulk for NDIS services, you can significantly reduce your workload. Modern NDIS software should allow you to connect timesheets with the NDIS price guide and your invoices and accounting system to simplify the process. From there, it should be as simple as downloading a file and submitting your claim via PRODA.

Workforce Management

Look for NDIS software with workforce management features, including rostering and document management. Check to see if staff can input their ideal shift availability and receive their schedules via the software, as well as if you have an automated way to contact them. Do a dummy run of building a roster from scratch: How long does it take? Can you roster entire teams and build recurring rosters?

NDIS Apps Are a Modern Solution for Today’s Disability Support Challenges

Designed with disability support providers and plan managers like you in mind, NDIS CRM software can play a valuable role in your business' workflow. It enables you to better meet participant needs, and in doing so, improves outcomes. What's more, it can help NDIS participants feel empowered and in control of the support they receive.

ShiftCare's NDIS software is a complete solution for support management and CRM. With a participant portal, support worker portal and web application for your admin team, it will make sure everyone has access to the information they need. NDIS price guides, funds management and bulk claims are all built into the software, while the secure document management system will keep you compliant. Plus, it has a wealth of workforce management tools.

Try ShiftCare for free.

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