A Complete Guide to Using Software for Client Carer Matching

Asha Neil

Written on 12 December, 2022
client carer matching
Selecting the right caregiver for each client will help you provide more empathetic and person-centric care. This will greatly improve the client experience and care outcomes.

You’ll be able to deliver better-quality services that will allow you to stand out from other providers. Clients’ family members will be relieved to know that their loved one's care is in capable hands. And what's more, caregiver satisfaction will improve.

Client-carer matching can be a complex process. However, disability care software can help. When you know how to use your software's full range of features, making a good match will be far easier and simpler.

What You Should Consider When Matching Clients and Care Workers

Care providers should weigh up many factors when selecting the most suitable carers for each client. This will increase the likelihood of providing personalised care that best meets the client's needs.

Care Schedule

Take into consideration the client’s preferred visiting hours in addition to the overall number of hours required. Encourage your team members to input their availability via your rostering and workforce management software so you can match based on preferred schedules.

Caregivers’ Skills, Certifications and Checks

Where a client needs specific medical attention or services, the carer must be adequately trained. This could include dementia training, trauma sensitivity and awareness training, and more.

Your staff may also need specific checks, such as a Working with Children Check.

Make sure you confirm that all certifications and checks are in date. Set up expiry notifications for all documentation so that you can rest assured you’re matching an appropriate carer with the client.

Driving Licences

Will your carer need a driving licence, for example, to drive to the client’s address to provide home care or to transport them? If so, what type of driving licence do they need? And, do they have appropriate car insurance?


Ideally, you’ll be able to match clients with carers that either live near them or are also supporting other clients in the area. When carers have to travel long distances to provide services, it negatively impacts the worker’s morale, your expenses and the client’s use of funds.

Plus, it can lead to a decreased quality of care, especially if the carer arrives tired or is unable to attend when there are poor weather conditions.

Language Skills

Assigning a carer that speaks a client’s native language can have an excellent impact on their relationship. It can lead to better communication, especially if the client has limited English, and help the client feel more at ease.

Of course, not all clients may wish to speak their native language with their carer. You should confirm the client’s preferences so you know what priority to give language skills. 

Client Preferences

The best caregivers are the ones the clients feel comfortable with. Some clients may prefer an extroverted and high-energy carer who will add a little sparkle to their lives. Others may prefer a calming influence or even someone with detached professionalism. 

Ultimately, the client needs to feel confident inviting your team members into their own home. Ideally, your staff will create not just a safe environment but also an enjoyable experience.

Personalities and Communication Styles

Even if a client has no personal preferences, it’s worth taking personalities and communication styles into account during matching. It can help improve outcomes and build better relationships. 

Plus, it’s not just clients who benefit from this. Carers will also appreciate being matched to clients they get on well with. This can improve their morale and retention rates.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Care Software for Matching Clients

Follow these steps to help you select the right carer for each client:

Fill in Care Workers' Profiles

Make sure you fully fill out carers' profiles so that the software can filter appropriately. Don't forget to set up document expiry notifications and ask your staff to set their shift availability.

Filter Staff

Take the time to discuss with clients what they want and need from their carers. Once you've worked that out, the next step is easy: just use your care software to filter for the appropriate attributes, and then select the best team members from the list.

Set Up Clients' Teams

Clients benefit from a consistent caregiver, but it's best to have several caregivers assigned to them ready for when a team member is unavailable. You can create a dedicated care team manually or invite clients to request their favourite carers.

Approve Your Automated Rosters

With the latest technology, you can simplify matching and rostering. Automated rostering tools will assign a worker from a client's care team at a time that works for the client and the carer alike.

Software that Creates Better Relationships Between Caregiver and Client

The relationship between caregiver and client is fundamental. A well-matched care worker can better support a client's physical and emotional well-being, and in doing so, improve their quality of life.

ShiftCare's care management software will allow you to match and roster clients and care providers in minutes. You can filter for certifications, languages, availability and more. Clients can also select their favourite carers via the ShiftCare Connect home portal, while your staff can set their preferred work times on the mobile app. Plus, with per-client and per-carer views of the roster, it's easy to check that the roster works for everybody: you, your staff and your customers.

It also comes with an extensive range of NDIS management, workforce management and client relationship management tools, as well as integrating with accounting and payroll software.

ShiftCare will help you go the extra distance, with no extra effort on your part. Try it for free today.

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