5 Reasons Why Client Record Management Is Essential for Your NDIS Business

Asha Neil

Written on 14 April, 2023
For NDIS service providers, client record management isn’t just a box to tick off in order to meet the requirements of the NDIS Commission. It’s also essential to your business operations.

You didn’t launch your own National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) business to spend your time filling in paperwork. You did it to make a difference to the quality of life of people with disabilities.

But better client record management will lead to an improved standard of disability support. Your services will be more personalised and empathetic. It will be easier to spot when NDIS participants have needs that aren’t being met. And you’ll be better positioned to take advantage of NDIS business opportunities.

Keep reading to discover the ways improved client record management can benefit your NDIS provider business.

#1. Better Quality Support

The more informed your support workers are, the better positioned they are to provide appropriate disability support. For NDIS care providers, clear, detailed client records are essential for ensuring quality support and service delivery.

Ideally, your NDIS business software will allow support workers to access and add client records on the go. This will ensure they have the information they need to understand the NDIS participants’ needs, provide personalised support services and take action during incidents.

It will also make it easier to share client records with other disability service professionals that work with your clients, from NDIS providers to support coordinators and plan managers.

#2. NDIS Compliance

Without good record-keeping, you cannot take advantage of NDIS business opportunities. The NDIS Commission has rigorous standards for client records. Registered providers must keep excellent records in order to comply with the NDIS Practice Standards and achieve a positive NDIS audit finding

This is particularly important for NDIS providers that offer complex services and, as such, need to undergo a certification audit. Auditors look for participant documentation as part of the certification audit process, in addition to other key evidence

It’s a common misconception that you only have to worry about audits if you’re a registered NDIS provider, and that unregistered providers aren’t subject to the same oversight by the NDIS Commission.

However, even if you aren’t a registered NDIS service provider, you must adhere to the NDIS Practice Standards. You may also be audited during investigations, although the process could differ from the certification audit. Whether you're NDIS registered or not, client documentation management is key to demonstrating that you meet NDIS quality standards.

#3. Client Funds Management

Better client funds management enables NDIS providers and plan managers to ensure participants make the most of their NDIS funds. Your NDIS business will be able to confirm that your NDIS-registered clients are receiving all the services they’re entitled to. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to avoid delayed services due to funding shortages. Smooth service delivery is key to both ensuring participants receive the disability support they rely on and to financial resilience for NDIS businesses.

Ideally, your funds management system will integrate with your client service records so it updates in real time. It should also offer funds usage projections so that you can be instantly notified of potential funding issues.

#4. Improved Financial Management

It’s not just participants who benefit from improved funds management. The reality is that many NDIS service providers struggle to make a profit. Common issues for NDIS providers include thin per-support profit margins, staff shortages and large amounts of admin and compliance work.

Although your initial reaction might be to pore over accounts, improved client record management can also help you increase profitability. Better client record management will help you and your team spend less time on admin work, especially if you can make it quicker and easier to update, track and find client information. 

You’ll be able to free up hours that would otherwise have been spent on paperwork, which in turn represents reduced labour costs. You may even find you’re able to take advantage of more NDIS business opportunities. 

Plus, by using one integrated system for tracking client service records, timesheets, expenses, payroll and invoices, you’ll have a better idea of your NDIS business’ finances. You can reduce costly errors and ensure you’re claiming for all the time and expenses your team spends providing services.

#5. Easier Communication with Clients and Families

Providing regular updates to NDIS participants and their loved ones can be time-consuming, but it’s essential for your NDIS business and for a great service delivery.

Good client record management can help registered NDIS providers update clients and their approved family members on client services, invoices, and the progress they’re making towards their goals. Depending on your client management system, you may be able to automate service updates or even share access to recent progress notes. 

In doing, you’ll empower a participant’s informal support network to get involved. And, you’ll create warmer and more personalised relationships with the client and their loved ones.

Client Record Management Made Simple

Running your own NDIS business means you never stop. There’s always a roster to amend, a new client to onboard or a staff member to train. But investing time in improving your client records will help you adhere to NDIS practice standards, provide better disability services and grow your business.

ShiftCare’s NDIS software takes care of the admin side of running an NDIS business so that you can focus on what really matters: providing high-quality disability support. Our software streamlines rostering, workforce management, client billing, expenses and more, plus it has a built-in National Disability Insurance Scheme price guide.

The secure client document management system makes it easy to record, update, store and share access to client records, from support plans to incident reports. You’ll never have to worry about a lost record at audit time. Your staff can access and add client records via the mobile app, while you can create templates for better quality control. And the funds tracking setting will monitor NDIS funds usage and alert you to potential issues in plenty of time.

Take the stress out of client record management. Try ShiftCare for free.

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