Lodging An NDIS Payment Request: Everything You Need To Know

This article will outline some key points about NDIS Payment Requests, including who can make them, when you need one and how to complete your request once you've made it.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a scheme in Australia which provides services and support to people with disabilities, ensuring they are provided with the support they need. Participants are assigned funding for these services, but providers can only claim for them by submitting a request for payment.

Here's an overview of what we'll cover:

  • What is an NDIS Payment Request

  • How to lodge your NDIS payment request

  • Tips on what to include in your NDIS Payment Request

  • How to get paid faster by NDIS

What is an NDIS Payment Request

An NDIS Payment Request is an essential part of the NDIS process for providers. Once a provider has completed all the necessary steps and received approvals to provide services, they will need to submit an NDIS Payment Request which includes the type of service provided and how much it costs. The NDIS will then calculate how much funding is available and whether or not the request is eligible, and send back a decision within 24 to 48 hours. A provider can then go ahead with the services once they've received approval from the NDIS.

Providers can submit a claim from the NDIS for the following:

  • Supported Accommodation Assistance;

  • Community Participation Support Services; and

  • Equipment Suppliers.

How to lodge your NDIS payment request

In order to lodge your NDIS Payment Request, providers need to follow the following steps:

  1. Log into the provider portal and navigate to the relevant section;

  2. Select the type of service that you wish to provide and the number of hours or days that you believe it should be delivered for;

  3. Select the funding source from which you will provide this service (or multiple). Note: available funds are based on budget allocation.

  4. Complete the Service Provider dialogue box with a description of why this service is needed, how it will help achieve their goals, and any other information relating to your request.

A bit overwhelmed? Keep reading until the end for an easy way to skip this whole process and save time on fiddling with the details.

What to include in your NDIS Payment Request

Firstly, it's important to include all the important information in your NDIS Payment Request to prevent any unnecessary delays. Here are some things to consider:

  • The type of service you are providing, be it Supported Accommodation Assistance, Community Participation Support Services, or Equipment Suppliers

  • The cost of the service

  • The NDIS reference code for the service provided

  • If you have costs associated with the service that aren't covered by the NDIS, such as staff time or travel expenses

  • Who is paying for the cost of the service

  • Your NDIS Provider Number

  • Your ABN (Australian Business Number)

If you're not sure what a particular term means in relation to an NDIS Payments Request, there is a glossary on the ndis.gov.au website that you can refer to.

For a more detailed explanation of what you'll need in your request, check out our blog post where we focus specifically on just that.

How to get paid faster by the NDIS

Not letting the bills pile up

Claiming NDIS payments can be confusing and hard to keep on top of, especially with all the annual changes around pricing arrangements. However, try your best to keep on top of everything as the quicker you lodge your claim, the quicker you receive your payment. Checking all your details are correct and included when submitting your requests is one way to avoid any necessary delays.

Using Bulk Claims to get paid faster

Another great way is to bulk claim all your payments instead of claiming individually, participant by participant. This is both convenient and efficient for providers who make claims once a month instead of after each individual session. This process can be streamlined through a care management platform or can be done yourself. For assistance with bulk payment requests through myplace, you can check the NDIS website for a self-help guide and template.

Let your software do all the heavy lifting

If you're strapped for time and can't afford to labour over the details of your payment request, you can streamline the process with an NDIS-integrated care management platform. One that is efficient and easy to use can slash the time you spend on admin and paperwork, while reducing room for human error when filling out all the complicated details.


Now, you have everything you need to know when submitting your NDIS Payment Request, as well as some tips to speed up the outcome of your request. If you're wishing things were simpler or just want someone else to take care of it, we have good news!

ShiftCare makes NDIS payment requests a breeze by allowing providers to upload bulk invoices into PRODA so that the whole process takes 5 minutes or less! You'll also be able to manage all your client information in one place, which means fewer hours wasted chasing down details from each person under your care. Our software is simple enough for a small team of local workers, yet powerful enough for national leading support providers. Best of all, you can start with a free trial and choose from 3 plans that you can cancel at any time. With ShiftCare, you can forget about all the paperwork, and instead, focus on growing your business and delivering a higher standard of care.

If you're looking for other ways to boost efficiency, check out our other article on how to digitise your business.

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