How NDIS Registration Benefits the Disability Sector and Supports Quality Service Delivery

Asha Neil

Written on 17 April, 2023
NDIS registration doesn’t just open up marketing opportunities for disability services providers. It also leads to improved quality assurance and peace of mind for participants.

What Does NDIS Registration Mean for Disability Services Providers?

You don’t have to be registered with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) in order to provide NDIS support. You can also operate as an unregistered service provider.

However, running a registered NDIS provider business means you have been audited and approved by the National Disability Insurance Agency. You will have access to NDIA-provided lists of participants and can market yourself as a registered provider of disability services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

As a registered NDIS provider, you also commit to adhering to the NDIS Practice Standards as established by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. If you're a registered NDIS provider, you'll have to undergo regular audits in which you demonstrate your processes for quality assurance and participant safety.

Operating as a registered NDIS provider implies more paperwork and greater costs, so it’s not always viable for new businesses. But it also brings compelling benefits for disability service providers and people with disabilities alike.

Key Benefits of NDIS Registration for the Disability Sector

NDIS registration supports the delivery of quality services through facilitating:

#1. Improved Quality Assurance

The rigorous requirements of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission ensure that registered providers deliver quality services.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Practice Standards provide a detailed schema for quality assurance. In order to become a registered NDIS provider, you have to demonstrate that your systems and processes meet these high standards. 

Disability services providers must also show that any complaints will be appropriately handled, with the NDIS Commission made aware of any reportable incidents. And with audits every 18 months, NDIS registration provides excellent service quality assurance.

#2. Peace of Mind for Participants and Their Families

For NDIS participants and their families, choosing a qualified service provider can be stressful. Understanding their funding and finding providers who offer the support services they need often poses a challenge. On top of that, they may have concerns about whether the support services will be delivered in a safe and compassionate way.

NDIS registration puts participants’ and their loved ones’ minds at ease. They know that as a registered NDIS provider, you have undergone a thorough assessment process and are qualified to deliver the disability supports and services required.

For many people with disabilities, contracting a registered NDIS provider is a guarantee of quality services. They also know that should anything go wrong, they will have the support of the NDIS Commission. And this makes it easier for them to put their trust in you.

#3. Greater Transparency and Accountability

Accountability is a cornerstone of NDIS registration. With the Code of Conduct, Practice Standards and frequent audits, registered NDIS providers commit to delivering services of the highest possible standard. 

Transparency goes hand in hand with accountability. As a registered NDIS provider, you are expected to have a clear process for complaints, and furthermore, support participants in complaining. You must alert the NDIS Commission to reportable incidents.

In turn, this creates a culture in which any potential quality assurance issues are quickly addressed in an ethical, participant-centred way. 

Are There Any Drawbacks to Being a Registered NDIS Provider?

While NDIS registration has undeniable benefits for the disability sector, it can also pose challenges for providers.

Being a registered provider comes with an administrative burden. There are numerous compliance requirements that will be regularly checked in audits, which necessitates thorough record-keeping and reporting. This can be time-consuming and, for providers without NDIS software, may require additional staff.

An NDIS registered provider also needs to invoice the NDIS directly. If your software doesn’t allow for bulk claims, the process can significantly increase your workload. Any invoicing errors will also lead to delayed payments, which can cause cash flow issues.

NDIS audits also represent a financial cost. However, a registered provider also has a marketing advantage. The audit cost may turn out to be a profitable financial investment.

For Registered NDIS Providers, Do the Benefits Outweigh the Drawbacks?

NDIS registration offers powerful benefits, including a commitment to quality services and greater marketing opportunities. However, for businesses already struggling with administrative tasks, the registration process can be a daunting prospect.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of whether the benefits of becoming a registered provider outweigh the drawbacks. Disability service businesses must evaluate whether they can take on the extra paperwork along with the audit costs.

Software solutions can simplify compliance for even small NDIS providers, while registration may help you attract additional clients. But ultimately, it’s a decision that comes down to your business goals and resources.

Quality-Focused Tools for NDIS Providers

Whether you're a registered NDIS provider or you're operating without registering, your objective is to provide quality services that improve the lives of people with disability.

NDIS registration is just one part of quality assurance. Using tools that support your staff in providing quality services is another essential step.

ShiftCare's disability services software is designed around the needs of NDIS providers. It will help you onboard clients, manage NDIS funding, record and access participant documentation, prepare for NDIS audits, roster your team and more. Our customers find they can save hours of admin time while providing more empathetic disability services.

Discover how the right software solution can help you deliver quality services and comply with the requirements of the NDIS Commission. Try ShiftCare for free.

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